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Welcome to Argos-MC SMP. Argos-MC SMP is created by 2 active Minecraft Java Edition users. As the idea to create the best faction/survival server in Minecraft, we have been focusing all of our interest in factions, not other gamemodes. You can enjoy the best factions server in Minecraft. 

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Argos-MC is a new Minecraft Survival server. We appreciate everything. Battles between the country, creating new towns and countries, building, and even more. We just don't want anything directly damaging others and the server's economy, such as hacking, x-ray, and being toxic. We hope you all can enjoy our server, Argos-MC.

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Meet The Team

Door Playz


Door Playz is the founder of the Argos-MC and also the leader of the server both java and bedrock. Door Playz started the server with Paul Yoo, the current CTO. 

Paul Yoo


Paul Yoo is the co-founder and the chief technology officer, responsible of operating the server, developing ,etc. He is the head staff and representative of java edition

James Doe

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