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Welcome to Argos Crew, the brand new Minecraft Bedrock Edition Builder Crew. We are launching this ultimate project from 2020, and we are currently recruiting. We are planning on many maps for Minecraft Bedrock Players, and we are currently having our project on it.

Any Questions? Email to our representative email and we will respond soon.

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A Fun Free Working Crew

Look at your life, you go to school, or go to work, eat, play, and watch soccer games, chat with your friends. This is what Argos Crew wants you to have. We are encouraging completely free environment, and people can come at the time when they want. Your life will be respected. 
Think about Minecraft, when you try to build something, you fail easily, when you are alone. However, when you build with fellow crews, building becomes so much fun. Join and build, whenever you are bored. We respect our crew's identity.


Featured Work

Awesome Modern Mansion

Experience the best maps in Minecraft. The Awesome Modern Mansion is our first map developed. Although we did not have many builders participating, all of our builders and redstone developers have tried their best developing this map. The modern mansion is three stories high, and 

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Argos Super Yacht

Take a look at the billionaire super yacht, called Argos. Argos includes several conference rooms for business mans, a feast room, a large swimming pool, 10 suite room, health room, 

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While this is one of our earliest works, it is also one of our most successful and popular games. This game touches upon many elements and themes that have since become strong themes throughout all of our work. Whether you think you’re more into strategy and tactical games, or prefer action and fantasy, we encourage all of our gamers to check out Dragon Dragoon in order to truly enjoy the full Argos-Mc experience.

Alien Invasion
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