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Argos is a Brand New Builder Crew. We are welcoming many skilled builders world wide. We are planning on making many fabulous maps and games, and in order to do that, we need skilled players like you!

With Argos, you may experience the best builder crew for bedrock edition ever! 


Building Department

Builder is the most important job in our crew. Builders can be divided into several parts. You may choose by Interior, Exterior, Road and sidewalks design, and others of your chose.

Spaceship on Alien Planet


Design Department

Texture Pack Makers are making texture packs and mods that are fitting in our maps. They should be used to design, and mod making programs, and should be used to the general theme and plan of the project.

Virtual Reality Device


Social Department

Discord moderators are people who are controlling our discord server. They have admin powers and can ban and kick offenders from the server.

Game Designer


Social Department

Builder Managers are people who plan each buildings, and are in vanish mode, and checking each buildings and structures if they are in the right pieces  and arrangement.

Professional Gamer


Design Department

Artists are responsible for designing thumbnails, and pictures from the structures and maps, to get introduced in our discord server, and the download section. Artists are also contributing on designing mods, and basically supporting the designs of textures. Artists are also responsible for logos of the server, if needed.

Computer Games


Social Department

Website Administrator is responsible for moderating the website, securing the member chat and the help forms, and publishing/editing the website when needed. They will get to moderate people in the forums, and answer questions about people. They should be able to know everything in the crew, meaning that only current/former staff members in the crew is available for website administrator, requiring knowledge.

Virtual Reality Device


The best Builder Crew