Terms Of Service


Forums and Discord Server Regulations


Thanks For Using Argos Crew!! Before you start using our forums and discord server, make sure you check the server regulations, and use safely! Failure to listening regulations will lead to ban and other situations.

As you are registered in our discord server, or logged in to our forums, you are expected to adhere our regulations listen below. 

1. Respect others.

Respect others and yourself. No swearing, cursing, or using bad words toward other people in any channels or conversations, live chat, contact forms, email, etc. Offenders will be prosecuted by mute, warn, and kick. 

2. Content.

Any inappropriate content which includes racism, policies, sexism, and any other unsafe contents will be immediately deleted, and the writer will be banned. 

3. Adjust the amount of posts. 

Do not spam messages again and again in the spam channel, and although our forums are having no cool time for posts, make sure you do not spam in any place, your membership ability will be terminated, so make sure you beware of that. 

4. Advertising/Endorsing

Advertising or endorsing other servers and crews, forums, discord server, or anything is completely not allowed at all, and offenders will be on mute, warning, or even kick. 

5. Personal Information

Forums and discord may be a place where unsecured people can abuse. Make sure you be careful for people hunting personal information. The staff team will immediately delete any messages included personal information, but beware. Anyone who exposes others' information will also be punished.