Marble Surface


We highly appreciate your interest on jobs in our crew. All careers are free, and we encourage people feeling as a hobby. What makes us different from any other crews are that all staff members in our crew are working without any compensation, including the founder and the executives. We are currently having many projects including modern mansions, cities, Redstone devices, and mods of furniture, cars, closely as reality. 

We are welcoming members from all around the globe, and we aim to make sure all users can enjoy our maps and mods. 

There are many qualities that we consider from all position- appliers.

  •  Friendly, Fun, and positive attitude for all sides

  • Active, and willing to experience

  • Willing to help users worldwide in all kind of platforms

When you work with Argos Crew, you will enjoy free, fun activities launched for crew members, and it is a great opportunity to learn about discord, Minecraft building, and how to cooperate with others. You may meet some hard and very unexpected situations, but we feel that it is a great chance to handle situations, and elaborating what you feel confident of. 

You must have a discord account logged in to our server, and we are going to check the fact. You must have a forum account too, and we are going to check your activities. 


Available Careers


Trainee is the basic level to become an in-game builder. Trainees are going to be converted to normal builders, soon their program finishes. 

Successful Applicants will going to enter to our trainee-builder programs, which will span for 2 weeks, or more than a month. During the period, you will be tested about your building skills, and also your responses in our discord. 

We expect trainees to be active, and be participating on our builds when they are possible. After this process, you will be promoted to a builder, and your promotion will be leaded to a higher process, as the head of each divisions, departments, and even more. This is the base of all builders. 

Discord Moderator

Discord Moderator is the staff position of the chat moderations. 

Discord Moderators will be moderating members from our discord server, checking if they are following the rules and the discord regulations. Moderators are required to to be online in discord and participating in our server for 72 hours each week. They also should be necessary to provide guidance and assistances through out all platforms available. They should be necessary also as a forums moderator. Discord Moderators are going to get promoted in to an administrator on their promotion. They are under the control of the Chief Administrative Officer, and is required to get extra training if required.


Developers are the position developing mods and texture packs, and also developing our discord server + website. 

Developers are required to have an active Github account, be capable of C, Java, PHP, JS (At least 2) You should have a reasonable background about your developing skills. You must have information and experience about developing. 

Note: We do not provide equipment, or trainings about developing skills. All appliers should be capable of making mods and texture packs, and be able to code with C#, Java, PHP, Js. The executives and chief officers do not contribute in developing. All works are required to get done by the line of developers. 


Artists are required to make logos and designs for the crew.

They contribute on making texture packs among developers. Which means that they should have basic sense about developing. Artists should be very creative, and should be skilled at drawing, and designing via computer. We recommend all of you having your photoshops, or any other editing devices, in order to design things.